Iran becomes the 1st country to ban the augmented reality game.

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game where its users search for Pokemon in real world with the help of GPS and Mobile DATA. It has become an internet sensation for since then it was released. It was released on July 6, 2016.
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Manufacturer: Nintendo

Accidents reported due to Pokemon GO:

Recently, there had been lot of issues reported regarding Pokemon GO. 

# In the US a teenage girl, tried to cross the road blindly without the realization of the surrounding, just to catch a pokemon on the other side of the road. She was hit by a car and hospitalized. 

# In Japan a 27 year old man was arrested for assaulting a women(Around 20's) playing Pokemon GO. We are surrounded by criminals, being safe is the foremost thing to be noted.

# In another case, a man was arrested for grabbing a women's hand, in the mistaken belief that he was photographed. If it was the vice versa, the man would be arrested again.

# A 22-year-old university student reported her bag was stolen from the basket of her bicycle by a man on a motor scooter Sunday afternoon while she was playing the game.

# A 24-year-old Brazilian man was found wandering on an expressway in Mino, Gifu Prefecture, searching for game characters and was cautioned by police. The man had earlier attended a barbecue with others at a nearby river and was not familiar with the local area, according to the police.

Security concerns over Pokemon GO:

# Actually its privacy : Looking at the security permissions tied to a Pokémon Go player's account shows that the game has "full account access" automatically. For iOS users, there's no option to edit these permissions; the only option is to revoke access entirely.

# National Alert : Entering into a space of restricted area (Defense,Private Properties), u may be shot (What the hell..!!) in the least case arrested..!!!

# In Stockholm, emergency services were reportedly called to rescue a man who impaled his thigh on a metal fence in the city’s Olympic Stadium while trying to catch a Pokemon.

# The Israeli army has been banned from playing Pokemon Go because of the location services and cameras needed to run it – stoking fears players could unwittingly expose military secrets.


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